Salon: Hillary Can't Win

Lefty rag dumps on Hill, backs Bernie.

A columnist for Salon is telling lefty voters across America to drop Hillary in favor of Bernie. H.A. Goodman, a lefty himself, writes that it is time for Democrats to acknowledge that Clinton cannot win in the general election.

In one major poll, Bernie Sanders is now leading Hillary Clinton nationally. In most others, he’s not far behind from the former Secretary of State. Vermont’s Senator already has an “edge over Clinton in matchups with GOP opponents,” dispelling Clinton’s electability myth.  

Goodman then breaks out a series of stats that don't paint a pretty picture of the DNC's favored candidate.


53.8% of all American voters have an “unfavorable” view of Hillary Clinton.

67% of American voters find Hillary Clinton “not honest and trustworthy,” compared with 59% for Donald Trump. Yes, more people trust Donald Trump.

After all, it’s difficult to trust a politician who completely fabricated a story about being fired upon by snipers. Like POLITIFACT states, “it’s hard to understand how she could err on something so significant as whether she did or didn’t dodge sniper bullets.”

71% of men and 64% of women find Clinton “not honest and trustworthy.”

74% of Independent voters find Clinton “not honest and trustworthy.”

35% of Democrats find Clinton “not honest and trustworthy.” Yes, even Democrats.

In contrast, Kathy Frankovic of states “Bernie Sanders is the most widely trusted presidential candidate of either party.”

While most media eyes are focused on infighting on the right, the brawl on the left continues with or without the media scrutiny.