Frmr Clinton Aide: Lauer’s Penchant for Sex Proves he had ‘Gender Bias’ Against Hillary

Whoa, stop the presses!

Buckle up! This one’s a doozie.

Now that we’ve learned that former Today show host Matt Lauer was a sex freak around the office, the hot takes are flowing, but we’ve found the winner by far.

Former Hillary Clinton aides are speaking out about the disgraced NBC host and making connections no one thought possible. But as we keep learning, anything is possible for leftists.

Clinton’s national press secretary for 2016, Brian Fallon, believes the sadistic revelations about Lauer now explain the reason he was so tough on Clinton during the election. Yes, the same Lauer who is a long-time Clinton pal and was a “notable past member” of the Clinton Global Initiative lobbed Donald Trump the softball questions but was misogynistic against the “nasty woman:”

“Of course men used to exerting power over women in the workplace would find a powerful woman like Hillary Clinton off-putting. There was a hidden gender bias just beneath the surface of a lot of the commentary Clinton endured last year. It was there all along, but in light of recent events, it may now be easier for people to spot it.”

Other Clinton aides spoke with the progressive outlet and said they now understand Lauer’s problematic coverage of Clinton.

“I think it continues a pattern we’ve seen where some of the highest profile reporters who were most critical of her in their coverage turn out to have questions about their approach to women,” an anonymous aide said. “I think there is the growing body of evidence that the people covering the first female candidate for president aren’t the people who reflect our country’s values when it comes to valuing women.”

Another anonymous female staffer added, “What’s important is less how Lauer and some of these other reporters impacted Hillary but a real examination of how the people who shape opinions view and treat women. Women still face sexism and misogyny in a number of ways and it’s important that we address all of them.”

It’s flabbergasting that Clinton was able to find yet another thing to blame for her loss.