Fox's 'Star' Features Black Lives Matter Hashtag Backlash, Salutes Social Justice

"I marched with King. I stumped for Obama."

Since last week’s episode of the Fox show Star, there has been some fallout over a Black Lives Matter hashtag in the fictional world of Atlanta record label Midtown. Last night’s installment wraps up the leftist storyline.

In the story arc, Noah Brooks — Midtown’s biggest star — is grieving over the death of his best friend, who was (surprise!) murderously shot by a cop in Midtown’s parking lot. Looking for a way to express his pain, Brooks employs Twitter, using the hashtag #MidtownMatters. The result is a backlash and public relations nightmare, forcing label CEO Aryanna Floyd to face pressure from her father to clean up the mess. Is it because many people are offended by Black Lives Matter? No way -- this show is a product of left-wing Hollywood.

In a heart-to-heart, Aryanna’s dad explains to her that the hashtag suggests that black lives don’t matter at Midtown. (Where have we heard that before?) She defends the label -- citing R&B music as its focus -- and she hesitates to make a statement to the press, for fear that any further mentioning of the debacle will bring more bad publicity (because everyone respects Black Lives Matter). Charles tells his daughter that his reputation is at stake since he built the business before handing it over to her, and that he's an old-school paragon of social justice.

Charles: You need to shut this down. Noah's hashtag infers that black lives don't matter to Midtown.

Aryanna: R & B music-- of course black lives matter.

Charles: I marched with King. I stumped for Obama. You're just gonna sit on this damn story? As head of Midtown, you've got to make a formal announcement.

Aryanna: You know how hard it is to build a company.

Charles: Everything that happens to your label happens to my name. Speak up, girl. You better speak up and do it damn quick!

In the end, Aryanna drops the hammer on Noah. They make up, and she holds a press conference. It’s a happy ending, and we’ve all learned:

•  The police murder innocent black people.

•  Black Lives Matter is to be approached with the utmost reverence.

•  People who really care about justice supported Obama.

•  Obama and Martin Luther King essentially represent the same idea. (Uhhh, No)

It's nice to be strong-armed when we're trying to wind down with some politics-free entertainment, isn't it?