Four Black Thugs FINALLY Charged With Hate Crime After Torturing White Teen

That took way too long.

As of yesterday, four black teenagers kidnapping, tying up, and torturing a white teenager while yelling “f*** white people” was not considered a hate crime.

The shocking video of the four Chicago teens attacking an 18-year-old man with mental health issues that was broadcast on Facebook Live was seen by Chicago police on Tuesday. When Superintendent Eddie Johnson delivered his press conference regarding the video, he didn’t think much of it:

“I think some of it is just stupidity, people just ranting about something that they think might make a headline.”

Then, the liberal media had a crack at it last night and what a disaster. The MSM offered the most sanitized versions of the facts which made it out as if this was some kind of prank. That is if they even bothered to mention it at all.

But they can’t deny it today. The outrage over the double standard of immediately suggesting a hate crime when the races are reversed reached a fevered pitch. And suddenly, news broke on Wednesday that the teens are in fact being charged with a hate crime.

NBC News reports:

Four teenagers face hate crime, aggravated kidnapping and other felony charges in connection with the torture and beating of a bound and gagged man in Chicago broadcast live on Facebook.

The 18-year-old suspects — identified as Jordan Hill, Tesfaye Cooper, Brittany Covington and Tanishia Covington — were charged Thursday ahead of an afternoon bond hearing.

The charges also include aggravated unlawful restraint and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi had tweeted Thursday morning that authorities were continuing to investigate the "senseless attack. The attackers, who are black, were heard yelling anti-white epithets at various points throughout the 30-minute video.

Now, was that so hard?

But this is also in NBC’s report: 

Other possible motives for the attack have not been released. At a news conference Wednesday, police said they must determine whether the racial statements were "sincere or just stupid ranting and raving."

Has there ever been that much doubt reported by the MSM when whites attack blacks? 

A second video emerged showing the white man being forced to drink water from a toilet. NBC News said they couldn’t verify the video, but it’s right here:

But don’t worry, Jesse Jackson is on the case. Not a single person has been mobilized to march on Chicago, but he said something on Twitter, so...:

Here's what Power Line blogger John Hinderaker had to say about civil rights leaders, the NAACP, and Black Lives Matter always lecturing how Donald Trump supporters are racist and violent:

I don’t want to hear another damn word about “hate crimes” against minorities supposedly inspired by Donald Trump’s campaign or election, not unless they equal this level of depravity.

The only hate inspired by Trump is coming from Democrats, and if this video is any indication, Trump voters should be very worried.