Oregon’s New “Transgender Equity” Law Will Let Criminals Hide in Plain Sight

If there's nothing embarrassing about transitioning, then why put the public at risk?

The Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, recently changed the state law about how to change one's name legally to make sure that the information is hidden from the public. According to the Associated Press:

Gov. Kate Brown has signed a bill that will make it easier for transgender people in Oregon to shield any updates they make to their birth certificates, a process typically conducted through the court system without privacy from public view.

The measure, which takes effect next year, makes Oregon the second state after California to adopt laws specifically designed to help mitigate potential discrimination against transgender individuals from employers, landlords or anyone else who is otherwise able to dig up birth-record changes through public record.

The new law eliminates the requirement that changes to someone’s name or gender identity must be posted publicly by the courts. It also allows court cases involving gender identity changes on birth records to be sealed.

Brown, who is bisexual, is more concerned about gender activism than safety. As Jazz Shaw wrote in Hot Air, there are many reasons why it's not good for people to be able to secretly change their name:

Many people might be interested in knowing if the name you give them isn’t the one you used previously. An employer considering hiring John Doe as his accountant would likely be very keen to know if John used to be Billy Bob Roe who served time for embezzlement. If a mother’s deadbeat former husband has disappeared owing tens of thousands in alimony she’d probably like to be able to Google for any news of him. That becomes significantly harder if he’s living under a new name. And when “Randy Jones” moves into your neighborhood you might prefer to be clued in if Randy used to be James Docksnooker and is on the registered sex offender list.

In other words, the public is going to have to take one for the team, so that the very few transgendered people who want to change their names won't suffer from people actually knowing about their transitions. Please. Only 0.3 percent of the United States population is transgendered, according to the Williams Institute. However, the collective mass trans-hysteria is causing our political leaders to make unwise decisions for our states and nations.

If there's nothing embarrassing about transitioning, then why put the public at risk? 

Image Credit: Flickr