Former Sen: Only a Convention of States Can Fix Federal Gov’t

It’s built into the Constitution and is meant to restore power back to the people.

Former Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom Coburn told NBC’s Chuck Todd that no political leader in America can save the United States from the bloated and out-of-control federal government but said there is something built into the Constitution that can: a Convention of States.

“Do you think it matters who’s the president other than Supreme Court nominees?” Coburn asked Todd. “Do you think our budget is going to get balanced? Do you think our freedom is going to get enhanced? Do you think our liberty is going to be protected? Absolutely not!”

“The only thing that is going to fix our country is a Convention of States where we rebalance the relationship between the three branches of the federal government and rebalance the relationship between the states and the federal government,” Coburn continued. 

According to the former senator, 65% of all decisions made by the 50 states are mandated by a Washington bureaucrat leaving only 35% of states to make budget decisions on their own; nothing close to what the Founding Fathers envisioned for the country, Coburn added.

Todd summarized what he felt Coburn was saying: “So, you’re making an argument, then, that basically a Republican Congress and a Republican presidency couldn’t do that.”

“Nobody can fix what’s wrong with our federal government today,” Coburn replied. “It’s out of control because it’s out of balance.”

“The American people have had it,” Coburn said. “And it’s not going to be long where you’re going to see more and more boiling up unless we fix the very problems and re-secure the freedoms that our country was supposed to give us.”

A Convention of States is written into Article V of the U.S. Constitution as a solution to reign in an all-powerful federal government. “The Founders knew the federal government might one day become drunk with the abuses of power,” states the Convention of States project. “Article V gives states the power to call a convention for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution.”

This is not a constitutional convention, as that would entail throwing out the Constitution altogether. A Convention of States derives its authority from the Constitution and upholds the promises therein. Two-thirds of the states are needed to call a convention and so far, eight state legislators have signed on: Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Alaska, Alabama, Tennessee, Indiana, and Oklahoma. Gov. Greg Abbott is calling for state legislators in Texas to be next on the list.

In September, historic Williamsburg, Virginia will be holding the first-ever simulated Convention of States. See the trailer for the event below:


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