Dems Totally Fine Ignoring Constitution, Trump’s Pick for Consumer Agency

Obama holdover “burrowed” herself into the position.

Sen. Nancy Pelosi, joined by Democratic colleagues Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer, isn’t concerned with a little thing known as the Constitution which gives the president the authority to pick the person to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which he has in Mick Mulvaney. Instead, these Dems want to keep Leandra English, an Obama holdover, who, as it turns out, “burrowed” herself into the position undetected.

The three amigos posed with English and Pelosi posted the pic to Twitter with this unlawful message:



Somehow a self-proclaimed acting director of the CFPB has somehow earned herself a “rightful” place as official acting director? That’s not how it works -- not that they care.

According to The Washington Times, the chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), demanded answers on Wednesday as to how English managed to get herself into a top advisory role:

The process is called “burrowing,” and it is generally frowned upon, though it does happen somewhat regularly.

In Ms. English’s case, however, it’s taken on a higher profile now that she’s involved in a major lawsuit arguing that she is the rightful acting director of the CFPB, rather than Mick Mulvaney, the man President Trump named to the job last Friday.

“Based on Ms. English’s participation in politically-motivated litigation to prevent the president of the United States from appointing an acting director of the CFPB, I am concerned that the conversion of Ms. English into a career position was abused for political purposes,” Mr. Johnson said in a letter demanding answers from the OPM.

The OPM, the federal government’s chief human resources branch, is supposed to approve every move between a political position and a career civil service post.

But Mr. Johnson said that seemed a particularly troubling move in the case of Ms. English, who was herself a political appointee at the OPM at the time the agency approved her for a career position at CFPB.

The Times report goes on to note that this sleight of hand garnered $11,000 more in annual salary for Ms. English. Not too shabby.

It’s not surprising that the anti-constitutional Left is all giddy about corruption among its own ranks. It's almost like they seek it out.