Forbes Editor Finds EPA Chief’s Bible Reference ‘Scarier than Allahu Akbar’

Oh, really?!?

Islamic jihad is leaving broken and mangled body parts scattered around our country and the world. Killing in the name of the Muslim god Allah is an all-too-familiar occurrence these days. But according to a Forbes editor, there’s a far scarier thing than the jihadist’s battle cry right before a suicide vest is detonated, or before a rented truck plows through helpless victims.

In the wake of the terrorist attack in New York City in which the shouted phrase “Allahu Akbar” accompanied a jihadist killing eight people and wounding a dozen others, Forbes Deputy editor Halah Touryalai tweeted about her fears that EPA chief Scott Pruitt was quoting from the Old Testament:

Yes, a Mother Jones article, which rips Pruitt for finding parallels within the story of Joshua and his decision making on barring scientists from serving on advisory committees if they’ve received federal grants.

This is what Pruitt said that scares Touryalai more than mass murder:

“In the book of Joshua there is a story about Joshua leading the people of Israel into the promised land after Moses passed away. And Joshua says to the people of Israel, ‘Choose this day whom you’re going to serve.’ And I would say to you this is sort of like the ‘Joshua Principle’ that as it relates to grants to this agency: you are going to have to choose either service on the committee to provide counsel to us in an independent fashion or you can choose grants, but you cannot do both.”

It’s easy to throw around the cheap shot that liberalism is a mental disorder, but this could serve as today's Exhibit A.

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Photo credit: Lorie Shaull via / CC BY-SA