FLASHBACK: Conan Insulted Haiti in ’05, Now Offended by Trump’s ‘Sh*thole’ Comment

But, but, but it was comedy.

The Left was highly offended by the alleged comments made by President Trump that countries like Haiti were sh*tholes. In an attempt to defend the small country in the Caribbean Sea, one of the offended, late-night talker Conan O’Brien, posted a picture of himself sipping from a coconut while on vacation at a very picturesque spot.

O’Brien was in the lap of luxury while he stayed at the Wahoo Bay Beach Resort, far from the realities farther inland from his exclusive beach property, as some Twitter users pointed out:



The rich celebrity even handed out his own MAGA hats to locals, which said “Haiti is Great Already:”


Then the mockery began:




Unfortunately for O’Brien, his moral posturing has come crashing down with the surfacing of video from 2005 of the late-night host trashing Haiti as a sh*thole country, as seen above.

As Breitbart pointed out:

The comment was made during the “Conan O’Brien Hates My Homeland” sketch on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. The sketch ran between 2004 and 2007 and saw O’Brien insulting nearly every country in the world.

During the long-running sketch, O’Brien also insulted other countries which President Trump allegedly claimed were “shitholes,” including El Salvador.

“Where no resumé is complete without the phrase ‘Supervised six-person death squad,'” proclaimed O’Brien about the country, while he also mocked the poor literacy rates, bad living standards, and child sex trafficking rampant in many other poorer countries.

Well, hypocrites gotta hypocrite. What else are the leftist elite supposed to do?