FLASHBACK: CBS News Pushed Myth that Lady Liberty was Originally Muslim

It served as some good propaganda during Trump’s travel ban.

The Statue of Liberty is getting a lot of attention this week, especially after she was the subject of a fierce debate over immigration between CNN’s Jim Acosta and White House advisor Stephen Miller.

So, it seemed appropriate to flashback to earlier this year when the statue was previously a hot topic during President Trump's initial announcement of his Muslim travel ban. CBS News eagerly credited “researchers” with the discovery that Lady Liberty was originally Muslim. Perfect propaganda to knock the administration, but nothing more than a myth, as FrontPageMag’s Daniel Greenfield carefully unpacked here:

The a grain of truth to the story is that the meme picked up on the interesting historical footnote that one of the earlier projects of Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi was a large woman holding up a torch and symbolizing Egypt's progress. The giant statue would have been titled, "Egypt or Progress Carrying the Light to Asia".

Since Egypt's ruler had no money, the project went nowhere.

Bartholdi at the time was somewhat obsessed with Ancient Egypt. It was ancient Egypt that interested him rather than Islam. The statue was meant to celebrate Egyptian civilization rather than Islam.

In any case the idea that "Egypt" became the Statue of Liberty is a myth. How do we know that?

Here's what Bartholdi had to say about it, "At that time my Statue of Liberty did not exist, even in my imagination, and the only resemblance between the drawing that I submitted to the Khedive and the statue now in New York's beautiful harbor is that both held a light aloft. Now how is a sculptor to make a statue which is to serve the purpose of a lighthouse without making it hold the light in the air?"

Yet, CBS never went beyond anonymous sources to get to the truth of the matter. They didn’t like Trump protecting this country from Islamic invaders and decided it was better to go live and tell Americans that Lady Liberty is basically Muslim and how that’s a sign we should have no immigration restrictions on them.