Media Focus on Florida Cop Killer as Marine, Bury Islamic Connection

No time for inconvenient facts that go against The Narrative.

Everett Glenn Miller, 45, was named as the suspect who shot and killed two Kissimmee, Florida, police officers last week in what is being investigated as an ambush-style cop killing. The media are focusing on only two aspects of this case: the fact that Miller was a Marine and that he has a history of mental health issues. What’s completely buried in the reporting is that Miller recently changed his name to Malik Mohammad Ali and that most of his Facebook posts were anti-white and anti-cop.

CBS News, WKMG Orlando, and the Orlando Sentinel all ran headlines overemphasizing his status as a “former,” “long-time,” “Marine Corps veteran.” The Tampa Bay Times devoted exactly one sentence to Miller’s Muslim name in its coverage and in the same sentence said he decried racism, President Trump, Confederate monuments, and Nazis on his Facebook page.

FrontPageMag’s Daniel Greenfield nails exactly why the media is doing this:

Why is the "Marine" part so newsworthy? Because it fits the media's political agenda, which is supportive of Islam and black nationalism. But quite hostile to the military. And so no doubt at some point this will be rolled into some fake study at some point showing that veterans have killed more people than Muslim terrorists. And the media will endlessly play it up.

So, leave it to non-mainstream outlets to dig up the real story other journalists seem unwilling to do. Inquisitr combed Ali’s Facebook page before it was taken down and found that in the days and hours leading up to the cop ambush, his anger was very apparent:

Malik Mohammad showed his disgust with racism by posting memes of Martin Luther King Jr. saying to not march forever but to shoot back. Other writings spoke of black people waking up and only poking a dog that has been tied up for a period of time before the chain breaks. America was called racist and evil on Ali’s Facebook page. Mere hours prior to the shooting, Ali’s Facebook page shared posts about white nationalists in police departments. Anti-Trump Facebook posts also appeared on Malik’s Facebook page. also scoured Ali’s Facebook page before it went dark and found this quote: “Im the Black Sheep…i dont follow any religion. I dont believe in jesus not a muslim either. I am a spritual being. So all religions are bullsh*t. Made up by man. Black Isrelites (sic)..the new kids on the block …Its a Religion..its made up by white man. I am the original man. My ancestors can be traced back before 1969 when the black Isrelites came on the scene. The belive (sic) that Jesus is coming from heaven with 50 million n*gger angels to kill everyone who isnt a black Isrelites. GTFO.. Thats some real sleep [email protected] The dont claim to be from Africa. These [email protected] are really crazy.”

Pacific Pundit found Ali’s Twitter content, where he threatened “Confederate Nazis” after the Charlottesville protest. “I will hurt you all,” he tweeted. “You are the enemy. You can run but you cant hide [sic].”

“The next white protest in the south…my black azz will be there,” Ali also posted.

Ali killed two officers, one of which was black, Sgt. Sam Howard. The other officer was 27-year-old Matthew Baxter. The Kissimmee police chief believes the two officers walked into a planned ambush and were caught by surprise and couldn't return fire.

Pacific Pundit rightfully pondered, “Now, if Malik Mohammad Ali had been a white nationalist like last week and killed the black cop because he was black, the media would be in meltdown just like last weekend.”

But here we have an anti-white, anti-cop black man who spews racist rhetoric, promises violence, commits actual violence, gave himself a Muslim name and yet, the media only see his military background as if that’s the real danger. Shame on them.