Feminists Hold Martial-Arts Workshop to Combat 'Hyper-Masculine Journalism'

What channel are they watching?

Feminists somehow believe journalism is dominated by hyper-masculinity. To combat this horrific (albeit imaginary) trend, San Francisco activist Sarah Burke decided to create a series of seminars called "Heavy Breathing" which "combine physical activity with group discussion on ideas related to their creative practice. Critical discourse often feels heady, abstract, and divorced from the body. How do conversations change when we are moving our bodies and out of breath? What new modes of thinking become possible?"

I'm not sure about that, but I am 100% certain Ms. Burke needs a new mode of thinking. As the co-founder Anti-Lab, she has helped “resistance projects that were anti-fascism, anti-racism, [and] anti-patriarchy." She also writes about “art, identity, social justice, internet culture, feminism, and the intersections therein." 

Social justice and internet culture? Riveting! Burke is confident that her anti-masculinity workshop will be as popular as her writings, so she decided to make it free.

“In this experimental workshop attendees will collectively undermine the historic valorization of hyper-masculinized approaches to journalism,” her announcement declares. The people who attend will do more than simply undermine the patriarchy thought. They will learn “to value approaches of empowered passivity through practicing the feminist concept of ‘circlusion’ (the antonym of ‘penetration’) and the martial arts concept of ‘ukemi,’ the art of receiving a throw."

Empowered passivity?  

They don't make feminists like they used to, do they?  

Let's face it. Journalism's main problem is not an excess of masculinity. These feminists are delusional if they think getting together in a room and moving in a certain way will "undermine the patriarchy." However, maybe if they're hanging out feeling condescending together, it'll cause them to spew fewer hateful words onto an unassuming public. 

Image Credit: Pixabay

​h/t The College Fix