Feminist Icon Crushes #MeToo: Maybe Don’t ‘Spread Your Legs

Some sage advice from a leftist for once.

A broken clock is right twice a day and sometimes, a leftist can give some good advice.

That’s the case with feminist icon Germaine Greer, who was recently named Australian of the Year at a gala event in London. Before her big moment, though, Greer dealt a crushing blow to the #MeToo clingers with some good old-fashioned, solid logic. To summarize, she advised women to be strong, firmly say “stop” if you don’t want something to continue, and by all means, don’t spread your legs only to complain about it later:

“I want, I’ve always wanted, to see women react immediately. In the old days, there were movies – the 'Carry On' comedies, for example – which always had a man leering after women. And the women always outwitted him – he was a fool. We weren’t afraid of him and we weren’t afraid to slap him down.

“What makes it different is when the man has economic power, as Harvey Weinstein has. But if you spread your legs because he said, ‘Be nice to me and I’ll give you a job in a movie,’ then I’m afraid that’s tantamount to consent, and it’s too late now to start whingeing about that.”

It doesn’t seem all that difficult to distinguish between actual sexual abuse/assault from sex regret. But apparently, there’s a lot of grown women out there — we’re not talking about those underaged — that can’t. Are we supposed to believe that women are strong and smart like feminists say, but are too weak and dumb to figure out that a man inviting them up to a hotel room most likely has ulterior motives?

Greer tells women to react immediately, don’t regret a stupid decision later and then whine about it through a silly hashtag:

“I want women to react here and now. I want the woman on a train who feels a man’s hand where it shouldn’t be… to be able to say quite clearly, ‘Stop.’ It’s the same old, same old. What is there about ‘no’ that you don’t understand?”

Of course, Greer’s fellow feminists turned on her because of her opinion. In their minds, logic equals victim-blaming. It’s almost like they think, “If I’m naked and I spread my legs, the guy should be able to discern that I’m not interested.”