Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Going Full #MeToo

Will show women as inspiration, not objects… also nearly naked.

Next week, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue will hit newsstands, the first since the #MeToo movement became the feminist cause du jour. According to the lead editor of the issue, MJ Day, and her all-female staff, the issue hopes to show the models as participants in the feminist movement, not simply objects.

Day told Vanity Fair, “I’m thrilled that this movement is going on because I feel like it’s going to change things for the better.” Since she’s been a part of the SI team — she worked on last year’s swimsuit edition — Day has seen a shift in how the magazine is approaching the highly-sexualized magazine feature and remarked that “all different standards of beauty” will be represented. As also noted by The Wrap, the models will be “rocking inspiring attire” and some bodies will be covered with inspirational messages.

That’s right. There will still be plenty of barely-there bikinis and naked bodies, but this time they’ll be covered in feminist graffiti, a la:

No one is sure how showing women’s beautiful bodies in seductive poses will be viewed as anything but as sexual objects. Of course, feminism is constantly evolving, so, perhaps they’ll be a few more of these issues before #MeToo ruins everything.