Feminist Ad Suggests Violence Against Men Gets Women What They Want

But of course it’s really selling women cute shoes, so, there is that.

Bianco Footwear, a shoe company in Denmark, released an ad earlier this year with a feminist message taking on the mythical gender wage gap. In reality, it was a call to arms for angry women to attack men to get what they want, because “equal pay is not enough.”

“Why fight for equal pay, when you can fight for more pay than men instead?” the YouTube description screams. “Bianco's new campaign film puts petrol on the embers and suggests that the aim has simply been too low.”

The argument goes: it costs more to be a woman because of hair styles, expensive underwear, and new clothes for every outing, while men have it easy because they just need a suit and a pair of shoes. Never mind that women have more areas to cover with underwear that they often like to be made of high quality materials. And never mind that women generally have more hair to deal with and demands of their stylist. And never mind that women put the demands on different outfits on themselves — it’s just not fair!

But here’s where this ad truly highlights feminism’s end-game — it’s also true for all leftists: violence:

Therefore, in Bianco’s new film, the women have had enough and, with their shoes as weapons, they fight against those with the money under the slogan Equal Pay is not Enough and #WomenNeedMore

The real message is, angry women everywhere should barge into their male boss’s office, stomp on his desk, and kick a hot mug of coffee and break it on his chin because fairness! Or stomp on the hood of his Mercedes in the parking garage. Or smash the window of the boardroom full of men with a stilleto — a really cute stilleto! And those flat kicks were nice, too! And those boots-made-for-walking-on-a-Benz? To die for!

Yes, after all, it is an ad for shoes that women must have. But wait? I thought it was unfair that women have to have more shoe styles than men. Why does this ad reinforce the very thing it argues against? The hypocrisy is obviously lost on them.

Here's what the voiceover says in the ad: 

Listen up! There’s still not equal pay for equal work anywhere in the world. And it seems most women are not even angry about it. But we should be.

So let’s set a new goal. From now on, equal pay is no longer enough. Because women need more. Our haircuts are more expensive. Our underwear is ridiculously more expensive. It’s simply more expensive to be a woman than to be a man!

Should we seriously get paid less than someone who applies body lotion to his face? He doesn’t need a new outfit for every new occasion. He doesn’t even know that the shoes make the outfit.

Oh, the joy of choosing the right shoe. Fashion is expressing yourself. And what every stylish woman is expressing is that equal pay is not enough. Equal pay is not enough! #WomenNeedMore