Female NYC Prof Launches Tweet Storm on March for Lifers: ‘Sit Down, Shut Up

Oh, and also, if you’re a man, “Shut the f*** up.”

New York City’s The New School professor Jen Begeal took to Twitter and unleashed a storm of criticism against participants in the March for Life on Washington.

The digital storytelling teacher spends a lot of time on Twitter praising the “historic” Women’s March and other feminist moments in the culture, but the women and men who took part in the pro-life march need to just "sit down and shut up." 

In one message she wrote, “If you support #MarchforLife but believe the #womensmarch is feminist propaganda, please sit down and shut up.”

She added more color to her tweets just for the pro-life men out there:

“If you support #MarchforLife but you aren’t a woman, please sit down and shut the fuck up.”

Here are all of them. Take note of how Begeal “tolerates” others’ points of view:

H/T Campus Reform