Ex-CIA Op Valerie Plame Loves Hillary; Jews, Not So Much

A leftist darling shows her true colors.

Former CIA operative Valerie Plame sent out an anti-Semitic tweet and is rightly being excoriated by conservatives.

For a quick refresher on Plame: back during the George W. Bush administration, she was a key player in an undercover CIA mission to find out if Saddam Hussein had indeed purchased materials to manufacture weapons of mass destruction. Her identity was made public after what she and her then-husband and fellow CIA operative Joseph Wilson found allegedly contradicted what President Bush told the public about Iraq’s WMDs. The Left praised Plame and Wilson as anti-war heroes who proved Bush made a bad call to go to war with the Iraqi dictator. 

Cut to years later, Plame continued her role as a Democrat darling by becaming a super-fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. But on Thursday, she revealed a little more about herself by tweeting an article that blamed Jews for causing wars.

That stirred up a hornets nest of reactions on Twitter by conservatives and pundits alike:






Plame tried to backpedal, using the “retweets don’t imply endorsement” and "I'm a Jew, too," arguments but it seemed pretty clear from our perspective:





If you’re still not convinced Plame harbors anti-Jewish sentiments, here’s another tweet unearthed from her account from 2014 that appears to be from the same source:

Ultimately, she relented and admitted she hadn't "really looked at the article good enough" blah, blah, blah. Nobody believes you:



But alas, the real victim:

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Photo credit: redmaxwell via Foter.com / CC BY-NC