Hillary: ‘Hopefully Trump Hasn’t Ordered the Killing of People and Journalists’

What happened? Clinton is completely unhinged.

Hillary Clinton’s book promotion tour is still going, and yes, she’s still talking about all the reasons other people made her lose, especially Donald Trump and those pesky Russians.

When speaking to Charlie Rose on Monday evening, Clinton uttered what is possibly her most unhinged soundbite yet in saying she hopes that Trump hasn’t ordered journalists to be killed.

“I don’t think he really values democracy, Charlie,” Clinton claimed in frustration.

Rose was taken aback and replied, “So, he doesn’t value democracy? … He’s not a ‘democrat,’ little ‘d?'"

“No, he’s not. He’s a top down guy,” Clinton said.

“He’s an authoritarian?” Rose asked.

Clinton wasn’t willing to fully brand him with that scarlet “A,” but said Trump does have “tendencies toward authoritarianism.” 

Rose rightly assessed that Clinton believes Trump and Vladimir Putin are one-and-the-same. 

“Well, you know, hopefully he hasn’t ordered the killing of people and journalists and the like,” Clinton clarified.

And all the people said:

Clinton will never understand that the answer to the title of her book, What Happened, is the same as the name of its author. It's statements like these that are the reason Trump is in the White House and she isn't. YOU are what happened, Hillary. And it takes a lot of nerve to hope Trump hasn't killed anyone when there are way too many mysterious deaths surrounding the Clinton camp. Just saying.