Evergreen Prof Confronts Clueless Board: ‘Do You Know the College Descended into Literal Anarchy?’

They gave him no answer, so they must not have known.

Evergreen State College Professor Bret Weinstein recently stood before the Board of Trustees to remind them exactly what went down after he refused to observe the ridiculous “Day of Absence” for white people concocted by the totalitarian leftists on campus.

After seeing Evergreen cave to nearly every demand made by the social justice agitators who took over campus, Weinstein wondered if the trustees had any idea what actually happened. He immediately confronted them by saying he has tried to contact the board privately several times to no avail and was left with speaking at the public hearing as his only option to give his account of the events that unfolded on campus. He phrased the remainder of his comments in the form of a question to which there was never an answer given:

“Do you know that the college descended into literal anarchy and that for days, the campus was not under control of the state, it was under the control of protesters? That there were assaults, there were batteries, there was pressure not to report crimes to the police? People were, by the legal definition I believe, kidnapped and imprisoned. That included faculty members and administrators. Others were hunted on the campus.

"Lawless bands roamed the campus unimpeded. Police were physically and intentionally blocked by protesters. Police were cruelly, systematically and personally taunted. They were humiliated and forced to stand down by the president. Students that held different opinions were, by the protesters own analysis, stalked, harassed, and doxxed and their names, pictures, addresses, and phone numbers were distributed online.

"Do you know that concessions made under intimidation and threat during the protest are now being enacted by the college, that includes mandatory bias training for all faculty? …

"Do you know that although the code of conduct is supposed to protect all of us, that Dr. Bridges decided to selectively suspend it, giving some students license to threaten others.”

Weinstein’s time was up well before his comments were finished. The board allowed him to turn in the remainder of his testimony for further consideration. (Yeah, right.)

Also at the meeting was McKenzie Kyger, the white student we reported on here, who said her voice was silenced on campus because of her race.

Here’s video of her appearance before the trustees, telling them, “This school seems to focus so much on race that it is actually becoming more racist… because I choose not to focus on race I have actually been labeled a racist and a white supremacist. If anyone took the time to actually know me, it’s not true at all.”


Will anyone at Evergreen listen to these concerns? Doubtful -- they're not running the place any more.

H/T The Blaze