YOUNG FASCISTS OF THE WEEK: Evergreen State Radicals: ‘F*** Free Speech’

They vow to “weed out” anyone who opposes them.

Welcome to a new feature here at TruthRevolt where we point out the worst of the worst in the new wave of fascism sweeping the nation’s younger generations.

For the first installment, and surely to be a repeat honoree, we have chosen the radical students at Evergreen State College. These young fascists in Olympia, Washington have given conservative media plenty of fodder as of late, as immortalized on video showing them raging over a white professor, Bret Weinstein, who refused to cave to their ridiculous demand of leaving campus so they could have a “Day Without White People.” The students effectively shut down the entire campus with threatening chants of “black power” and bullying “white-ass faculty members,” including Evergreen President George Bridges, who was repeatedly told, “F*** you!”

And their anger has not subsided. These young fascists are even more determined to force their social justice demands on others, even if that means ignoring the Constitution. In a new video from Vice, one student cut to the chase, saying, “F*** free speech,” while his comrades vowed to “weed out people like Bret” from the college.

“I don’t care what happens to Bret anymore,” a student called Hadley said about the professor. “He can go and be racist and be a piece of shit wherever he wants to do that. Hopefully, long-term, we can just weed out people like Bret.”

Though students want Weinstein fired, President Bridges said that’s not going to happen.

Hadley also said Weinstein “incited white supremacists” when he refused to go along with their racist event and also “validated white supremacists and Nazis” when he appeared on Tucker Carlson’s program on Fox News. She said the professor doesn’t deserve to be protected by free speech.

A radical named Jamil, wearing a pink ribbon in his hair, agreed with Hadley, adding, “Your free speech is not more important than the lives of, like, black, trans, fems, and students on this campus.”

“I am so sorry; hate to break it to you,” he said.

A student called Io said they’ve received death threats from outside the school.

“At that point, f*** free speech,” Io declared.

The only speech these young fascists approve of is their own. If it were up to them, any speech that challenged their worldview would be banned forever. That seems to be their end game as evidenced by their protests. Even leftist students who say they have “nuanced opinions” that differ from these radicals feel afraid to speak up in fear of being “stigmatized.” Their totalitarian tactics are clearly working.

Watch the Vice clip below (language warning):

H/T The Blaze