Even After CNN Caught Purposefully Spreading Fake News, Network Boasts About Ratings

No regrets, apparently.

What is CNN doing after being caught spreading fake news to get ratings? Boasting about its ratings, of course!

It’s been a tough week for CNN and it’s only Tuesday. Already, the network has retracted a discredited report on a Trump associate’s ties to Russia, three top journalists have resigned because of it, and today, Project Veritas released undercover video showing a producer admitting CEO Jeff Zucker wanted to push the fake Russia narrative because it was spiking ratings. 

So, it is a little strange that the network would brag about said ratings given the fact that they were essentially manufactured through lies. But that didn’t stop them. CNN couldn't take being called out by the president for having low ratings and responded in kind on Twitter:


No longer can CNN dare lecture anyone on “the facts.” It must really burn them that President Trump was right about them all along, calling the network and its reporters “fake news.”

CNN also slammed Trump today, saying he doesn’t care at all about health care, only his Twitter feed:

That didn’t go over well, since all that CNN seems to care about is Trump’s tweets, as well:



And now that we have all the proof we needed to put the final nail into CNN’s coffin, it’s fun to look back just two weeks ago when CNN reporter Jim Acosta was whining about being sent to the back of the line at a White House event. You deserve that spot way in the back, Jim. Get used to it:

It happened again for Acosta on Monday. According to Lifezette:

CNN officials have been especially irked about the lack of access from Trump.

Late Monday afternoon, at a White House event in the Rose Garden honoring Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi, CNN's seat (usually in the front row) was moved to the back.

After asking White House staffers about the insult of sitting in the back, Acosta was moved to the front row.

"Silly games," Acosta muttered before his live shot.

Poor thing.

Photo credit: rendomthoughts via Foter.com / CC BY-ND

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