Eric Holder Used Fake Name Email Accounts

Several fake names used to prevent "spam"

He didn't buy his own server or domain name but Justice Department officials admit that during his time as America's top lawyer, Eric Holder used fake names for his email.

Unlike his former cabinet colleague Hillary Clinton, Holder used a departmental email address, @usdoj.ogv, rather than a private account but according to The Huffington Post the name in front of that address was one of three aliases Holder has employed.

"The Attorney General uses a Justice Department email address to conduct official business. As with many Cabinet officials, he does not use his given name in the handle of his email address,” Justice Department spokesman Brian Fallon said in a statement.

Holder's first alias was Henry Yearwood, a name derived from two different family names while his second alias David Kendricks was a combination of two members of the Temptations - David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks. DOJ officials have not revealed what Holder's current alias is but they do insist this practice does not prevent lawmakers, the media or public from requesting Holder's emails through the Freedom of Information Act.

“This practice is similar to using initials or numbers in an email address and helps guard against security risks and prevent his inbox from being needlessly inundated. It does not in any way impact compliance with FOIA requests. The Attorney General's email address is known to the individuals who process FOIA requests, and his emails are regularly produced, albeit with his exact address redacted.”

The release of Clinton's emails remains an issue firmly under her control, not federal officials charged with keeping all records of cabinet level correspondence. On Tuesday Clinton said that her personal email server would remain private but asked the American people to trust her that she had turned over all relevant emails to State Department officials.