Eric Holder Endorses Hillary Clinton

As Hillary Clinton struggles to obtain the Democrat nomination for president in 2016, a familiar name offered support for her efforts.

In a statement released to Associated Press, the Clinton campaign announced former Attorney General Eric Holder has endorsed Clinton for the nomination. Holder said, Hillary "is the candidate that we need in the White House" to continue "the progress of President Obama."

Holder will campaign for Clinton in South Carolina, attend a state Democrat party dinner Saturday and appear at the Democrat debate on Saturday night.

Holder said Clinton "has bold plans to address police brutality, fight for common sense reforms to our gun laws." Holder took a jab at Republicans saying they would "tear down our progress on civil rights, health care and curbing gun violence."

South Carolina is the only one of the initial four states to vote where black voters anchor the Democratic Party base of support. While polls in overwhelmingly white Iowa and New Hampshire show Sanders either leading or nearly deadlocked with Clinton, her advantage among black voters leaves her with a commanding lead in South Carolina.

The former secretary of state conceivably could lose Iowa and New Hampshire but quickly regain the upper hand in the nominating contest by winning in South Carolina and several other Southern states that follow.

 Lately, Clinton has been highlighting her differences with opponent Bernie Sanders on the gun issue. Clinton's anti-gun platform plays better among urban African Americans than Sanders' position, informed by his home state of Vermont --a more gun friendly state due to its rural population.