Sorry, Mom! Chelsea Clinton Slips: 'President Sanders'

A Freudian slip or secret desire?

Chelsea Clinton was campaigning on behalf of her mother in Minnesota this week when she inadvertently slipped on mic giving the title of president to Democratic rival Bernie Sanders.

She quickly corrected herself, telling the gathered Hillary Clinton supporters, "I hope not President Sanders!"

Although much of the media focus landed on this simple Freudian slip (unless, of course, her true desires surfaced at that very moment), what she implied about Republicans deserves far more attention. Her point was to compare her mother's campaign with that of the GOP candidates and in doing so, painted them as bigots:

I find the rhetoric on the Republican side deeply troubling. I find the normalization of hate speech profoundly distressing.

She also went after gun makers, saying their exemption of liability from gun violence should be stripped. It's something Sanders voted for in the Senate and is the reason she mixed her words:

We also need to strip away the immunity that President Sanders, I'm sorry, excuse me, Senator Sanders -- I hope not President Sanders -- that Senator Sanders voted for.