Australia's Most Populous State: Gender Not a Social Construct

"Opposite Ends of the Pole."

The most populous state in Australia has now banned teachers from teaching the ludicrous concept that gender is a social construct. 

According to The Australianthe ban in New South Wales came about when an independent review showed that sex and health education in the state-sponsored schools were teaching gender theory to high school students. 

Lessons that teach gender is a "social construct" or "non-binary" or  "constantly changing" have now been banned alongside movements to "de-gender" school language.

"A review of teaching resources was also implemented," reports Red Alert. "Teachers were told to abandon a 17-page-long list of 'teacher’s toolbox resources' given in Crossroads, the state’s compulsory sex education program."

Of the banned lesson plans, the most jarring was "Opposite Ends of the Pole," which taught 10th graders about considering "various case studies, including ‘Joseph,’ a man married with three children who ‘masturbates [and] fantasizes only about men,’ as well as ‘Alex,’ who had sex with girls as a teenager but has developed a relationship with a man since moving to a country town."

Parents will also be given more access to the lesson plans, giving them more involvement in their child's education.