Eric Holder Calls DOJ’s Apology to Tea Party Groups Targeted by IRS ‘Unnecessary’

HE should've been the one to apologize.

President Trump’s Department of Justice issued a long-awaited apology to Tea Party groups that were targeted by the IRS under the Obama administration, and former Attorney General Eric Holder thinks that should’ve never happened.

“That apology was unnecessary, unfounded and inconsistent, it seems to me, with the responsibilities that somebody who would seek to lead the Justice Department should have done,” said Holder, according to The Washington Times.

With Lois Lerner at the helm, the IRS was in effect weaponized against conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, often having their applications stalled for years if they were ever approved at all. A pro-Israel group was in the IRS system for six long years because they agency concluded they were “sponsoring terrorism.” That group also received an “unnecessary” apology.

Holder was responsible for launching the investigation which ultimately, and not surprisingly, found the IRS innocent of all charges. At worst, in the final analysis of the Obama administration, the IRS had only bungled a few things, but had no ill intent. Lerner was cleared without prosecution and handed a “generous (though undisclosed) retirement package,” as HotAir noted. However, Trump’s DOJ came to a completely different conclusion and believes Lerner is complicit in singling out conservative organizations. 

“Rather than being seen as an apology for obvious, flagrant abuses of power, he’s attempting to portray this as Trump trying to undercut the credibility of the DOJ,” writes Jazz Shaw at HotAir. “If Holder were actually more interested in justice than politics, he could instead be asking how and why the IRS went so badly off the beam to begin with.”

Yeah, don’t Holder your breath.