EPA Employees Dislike Trump ‘Propaganda Posters’ Boasting Repeal of Obama Regs

Not everybody likes to MAGA.

According to a report by The New York Times’s Eric Lipton, some Obama-era employees of the Environmental Protection Agency aren’t happy with new posters put up by the Trump administration that boast of the regulatory rollbacks of the previous administration. The president of the American Federation of Government Employees, John O’Grady, who represents many EPA workers, described them as “propaganda.” 

The NYT loves a good anti-Trump story and Lipton was more than happy to pass along a pic of one of the offending signs leaked to him:


Lipton wrote in his article:

The Environmental Protection Agency wants its employees to know it is proud of all they accomplished in 2017, even if that amounted to undoing the work they did in 2016.

In an array of posters displayed at EPA offices across the country, the agency is applauding “a year of great environmental achievements for America.” The posters include among notable accomplishments the preliminary repeal of the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan and walking back the Waters of the United States rulemaking. In a display listing its “New Environmental Achievements,” EPA notes it provided “confidence for American families” and “certainty for American businesses.”

The agency also boasted that its Superfund taskforce is “encouraging private investment” while expediting cleanup and land reuse.

That only sounds bad if you’re a leftist. Jazz Shaw at HotAir doesn’t see the achievements as propaganda at all:

So the Superfund Taskforce is expediting cleanup and making responsible parties pay for cleanup costs. How horrible. Oh, and they’re also “encouraging private investment.” That must be the one that put them over the edge, even though “encouraging” does not translate to mandating. Touting the elimination of wasteful regulations is surely a sore spot for many of these workers, given how hard they labored under the Obama administration to regulate everything under the sun. But there’s a new boss in charge and he gets to set the priorities. If that’s too much for you to handle, perhaps you’re really not cut out for government work.

The environmental group Sierra Club responded to Lipton’s tweet by creating what it believes was the “first draft” of the sign:


If you've upset the Left, you know you've done something right.