Ellen: Trump Must Never Bash Oprah, 'Mother of Our Country'

"Oh no you didn’t. No, no, no, he’s gone too far. Oprah is my friend."

Apparently, the Left are still hoping Oprah will run.

Oprah Winfrey guested on Ellen DeGeneres's show today for a discussion of President Trump's recent Twitter mockery of Winfrey. Trump lashed out at the media icon for her appearance on 60 Minutes Sunday, during which she questioned swing state Michigan voters on the President's mental wellness and the allegations of sexual abuse against him.

First, DeGeneres emphasized that the job of president was to bring America together, and that Trump had not done so. Of course, Ellen had a very different standard for the most divisive president of modern times, Barack Obama. The host showed Trump's tweet, which stated:

"Just watched a very insecure Oprah Winfrey, who at one point I knew very well, interview a panel of people on 60 Minutes. The questions were biased and slanted, the facts incorrect. Hope Oprah runs so she can be exposed and defeated just like all of the others!"

Ellen responded, divisively:

"Oh no you didn’t. No, no, no, he’s gone too far. Oprah is my friend. And when you mess with Oprah, you mess with me.”

DeGeneres then attacked Trump. She sarcastically mocked him for once saying, at a 2016 debate, "Look at these hands; are they small hands?":

"You know, everyone knows that when you talk about how big your hands are, it means you’re very secure."

Next, the left-wing host showed a video clip of Oprah giving away free cars to her in-studio audience members, followed by a clip of Trump throwing rolls of paper towels to Puerto Rican hurricane victims.

The "comedienne" then followed her attack on Trump with a scolding of the President for...attacking people:

"You’re not just some guy on Twitter anymore, you’re the president for all of us. It is your job to unite people and you don’t do it by attacking people, especially Oprah. I mean, George Washington may be the father of our country, but Oprah is the mother of our country."

The mother of our country? The Left relentlessly dismissed Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential race for being a "reality TV star," rather than what he actually was: a world-famous real estate mogul, who'd only gotten a TV side gig because of his fame as a self-made billionaire. However, DeGeneres was now appointing national sanctity to a woman who made her name via tabloid television.

While Ellen did ask Winfrey about Trump's charge of offering slanted questions during the 60 Minutes segment, the two did not address the question, “There have been some members of Congress, including Republicans, questioning his stability and fitness for office. What do you think of that, and do you believe he has the temperament to be president?” Nor did they discuss Winfrey's query over his alleged yet disputed "sh*thole" comment during an immigration meeting in the Oval Office, or this humdinger: 

"During the campaign, we are all aware that some 20 women accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior. There was the Access Hollywood tape, of course. What do you all think about that?"

Oprah maintained that her appearance on 60 Minutes was not at all slanted, and that she even pushed to have a response from a Trump supporter added to the rough edit, in order to achieve "balance." 

If she'd wanted balance, wouldn't she have asked wholly different questions? Furthermore, why would she have appeared on DeGeneres's virulently anti-Trump show? Regardless, despite Ellen's hefty history of bashing Donald Trump and Oprah's anti-Trump 60 Minutes appearance, it is he, according to Winfrey -- and surely seconded by DeGeneres -- who is guilty of hate:

"[In the 60 Minutes segment] I was trying very hard to do the opposite of what I was hate-tweeted about."