Islamic University Bans Burqas Over Fears of Radicalism on Campus

Well, duh!

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the State Islamic University in Indonesia banned the full-faced veil burqas over fears that radical ideologies are sweeping the campus. Indonesia is the epicenter for the world’s largest population of Muslims.

Currently, there are 41 students who wear burqas and they will be offered counseling to help them through the process of transitioning to the more revealing hijab. It will be a requirement to graduate.

Those opposed to the ban say it limits the “freedom of choice” for these Muslim women. However, university supporters say burqas “exemplify radicalization” and “undermines learning.”

University rector Yudian Wahyudi said, “Female students wearing the burqa, and radical groups, they are disturbing the teaching process. We are putting moderate Islam forward [as a] preventive action to save the students.”

Moderate Islam, ha! The Daily Mail points to a recent survey that found that “nearly a fifth of high school and university students support the establishment of a caliphate over the current secular government.” And that’s just the ones not lying.

Funny how an extremist religion bans its own requirements because they fear it spreads extremism. Ya think?