Ed Schultz Doesn't Want To Interview Obama ...

He just wants to play golf with him instead

During Wednesday's "Ask Ed Live" segment on The Ed Show, Ed Schultz revealed he'd rather play golf with Barack Obama than interview him.  Schultz was answering one of the two questions taken from Facebook or Twitter that he responds to daily when he read, "If you could tell, or ask President Obama one thing what would it be?

Schultz responded he would ask Obama to play a round of golf because "everybody's interviewed him" and he wanted to see if Obama has "any game." Schultz continued:

Then I would tell the president during that round, "Say no to the Keystone XL pipeline!'

Previously Schultz had been in favor of the pipeline going through the center of the nation because of his concern about train and truck accidents hauling fuel. Since visiting Nebraska and frequently talking with groups like Friends of the Earth he has changed his opinion on the issue.