'Eclipse Privilege': Matt Walsh's Hilarious SJW Satire

"Just a quick PSA."

On the eve of today's solar eclipse, asTruthRevolt reported earlier today, a professor actually argued that the act of nature was racist because it was only passing over predominantly white parts of America. Matt Walsh of The Blaze had the perfect response to this silliness with a little satirical message blasting what he called "Eclipse Privilege."

Writing on his Facebook page, Walsh stated:

Just a quick PSA. Remember that if you are in the path to view a full eclipse, you have Eclipse Privilege. As a person with Eclipse Privilege, it is very insensitive to post photos of the eclipse, as it makes those of us with Eclipse Deficiencies feel otherized and alienated. For the sake of inclusivity, you should not post any photos or express any happiness about the eclipse at all. In fact, the proper etiquette would be to look at the eclipse directly and intentionally blind yourself, so as to express solidarity with marginalized people who, through no fault of our own, are also "blind" to the eclipse. Many of you will not take this step because of your ingrained bigotry and hatred, which only proves that we still have so far to go as a society. Smh

Those rules make enjoying the eclipse pretty tough, but with so much privilege, perhaps that is the best course of action. Out of sensitivity to the blind, none of us should ever look at anything beautiful again.

Check your "Eclipse Privilege."