Dunham Scores Clinton Interview

Softballs or pillow fight?

Taking a page from Barack Obama's playbook, Hillary Clinton has decided it is best to grant interviews to fans rather than journalists. In 2012 Obama granted interviews to radio hosts such as DJ Laz, known as the Pimp With The Limp, while often avoiding political journalists. Now Clinton is doing the same, granting an interview to actress Lena Dunham of HBO's TV show Girls.

A clip of the interview, which will be posted online on September 29th, shows Dunham ask Clinton if she considers herself a feminist. According to Politico, the rest of the interview looks just as hard-hitting:

In the full interview, Clinton will engage with Dunham in an intimate discussion about what her own life was like in college, and the ambivalence she felt in her early 20s about her own life and career path, according to a spokesperson for Dunham's new website, LennyLetter.com. The interview will be available to the site's newsletter subscribers.

LennyLetter.com only has a few pieces posted so far including a short story by Dunham about bringing a boyfriend home and an interview with a friend's mother about having an abortion.