Big Donors Fund Clinton While Hillary Pitches to Blue Collar

Elite dinners for the uber rich.

Hillary Clinton may be pitching to working class voters, telling them that she stands for them but her campaign is increasingly being funded by the ultra-wealthy of America.

The Washington Post reports that Clinton has spent the last few weeks attending fundraisers that can cost $50,000 per person and more.

“There is too much inequality, too little upward mobility. It is just too hard to get ahead today,” Clinton said during a major economic speech earlier this month in the blue-collar community of Warren, Mich. If elected, she pledged, “I will have your back every single day that I serve.”

That pitch to working class voters came the day after Clinton attended an exclusive fundraiser at the home of a billionaire, which featured singer Aretha Franklin and cost $25,000 a head. That paled in comparison to what she did after the speech:

And on the evening of her speech, donors paid $50,000 apiece to mingle with the candidate at the Chicago Club, one of the city’s most exclusive social gathering places. Clinton’s running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine (Va.), did his part by appearing at a fundraiser the same day at a Roman-style trattoria in a boutique Manhattan hotel, where admission started at $50,000 as well.

According to the Post, Clinton, and her running mate Tim Kaine, have held 50 fundraisers so far this month - many of them focused on high-end donors.

Clinton has been attacked by both the left and the right for her coziness with big money donors and claims it leads to special access, a claim bolstered with reports that more than half the visitors to Clinton while she headed up the State Department were donors to the Clinton Foundation.