Dumb and Dumber: Alec Baldwin, Michael Wolff Discuss Trump Burnout

"I do have this fatigue."

Michael Wolff should love Donald Trump -- thanks to the President's role as central figure in Wolff's tabloidesque gossipfest Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, the writer has made quite a splash among Trump-hating media leftists.

One such hater is actor/activist Alec Baldwin, who sometimes portrays Trump on Saturday Night Live. During an appearance at New York's Town Hall, where both complained of "acute Trump fatigue," Baldwin, as reported by Deadline Hollywood, "confessed to sometimes looking at the orange Trump wig in the SNL dressing room and feeling drained." Furthermore, Alec claimed:

"I do have this fatigue. I do sit there and say 'I don’t want to be this motherf***er again.'"

For his part, Wolff considers his writing of the error-filled, anti-Trump bestseller something of a religious mission. Talking to Baldwin, he explained, "Sometimes, one is called."

Nonetheless, the author mourned the existence of Trump, and that terrible reality's effect on him:

“I didn’t feel myself looking at this from a big lens. It was very much up close...I’m not thinking about the country. What I felt most of all that everybody there was tainted by this, felt tainted by this and believed that they would not come out ahead, that this was a net loss.”

When asked by Baldwin if his recent tense appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe -- during which he was kicked off the show -- was staged, Wolff noted:

“It’s cable television, they get paid by the confrontation. In public life, you used to run away from conflict. Now you seek it out.”

Wolff's greatest conflict -- according to even left-wing Politifact -- seems to be with the truth. 

Alec Baldwin and Michael Wolff are tired of Trump. But surely not as tired as millions of Americans are of their political idiocy.