Duke Professor Banned Student Journalists from Economics Course

Who gets banned next? Conservatives?

Linsey Lebowitz Hughes is an economics professor at Duke University. For the last few years, her online syllabus for her course “Inside Hedge Funds” has banned student journalists from enrolling. What’s worse, administrators likely didn’t even know the ban was in place as they don’t regularly review each course’s syllabus.

In an “IMPORTANT NOTES” heading, Hughes wrote:

Anyone who is on the staff of The Chronicle is not permitted to take this class. Please honor this in order that we can continue to get high quality visitors & information.

The editor-in-chief of The Chronicle, Likhitha Butchireddygari, discovered that the paragraph has been included in previous syllabi going back to at least 2014. With something like this flying under the radar, Butchireddygari is concerned that nothing is stopping other professors from “excluding certain students:”

“This syllabus with the provocative wording has been around for three or four years. If these administrators didn't even know about this syllabus, how can they claim to know about perhaps more covert attempts to exclude students?”

Economics associate chair Emma Rasiel covered for the professor, telling The Chronicle that it was a “poorly worded attempt to remind students that the comments of guest speakers should be considered ‘off the record’ and not reported in the media or on social media.”

Duke’s vice president for student affairs and government relations, Michael Schoenfeld, added, “No one was, or ever will be, barred from enrolling in any class because they are affiliated with the Duke Chronicle or any other student organization."

But how many student journalists avoided the class thinking Duke didn’t allow their enrollment in the course? What’s next — conservatives banned from courses? Jews?

Progressive discrimination is alive and well on America’s college campuses. Melissa Glick, anyone?


H/T Washington Examiner