German Broadcaster: Sexual Abuse of Minors by Imams Goes Unreported

“Religion prevents people from talking about it, because imam is holy.”

The German public broadcaster MDR has uncovered cases of sexual abuse of minors by imams at mosques and Quran schools in Germany.

According to the broadcaster, a vast majority of the cases of sexual abuse by Muslim clerics goes unreported. “Religion prevents people from talking about it, because imam is holy,” says an immigrant who suffered sexual abusedat the Quran school for years in his native country. “That’s why [imam] can do whatever he feels like.”

The public broadcaster talked to the families of the victims of rape and sexual abuse as young as six, claiming acts like these committed by imams and Quran teachers are not “isolated cases” but widespread in the Muslim countries and present in Germany as well.

Germany’s leading current affairs magazine Focus covered the recent revelations uncovered by the MDR:

These are disturbing criminal acts that public broadcaster Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk (MDR) reveals through its investigations: Children are subjected to sexual assaults in German Mosques, and apparently only a few of the victims of abuse report the crimes. These victims broke their silence to the MDR team.

One of them is a six-year-old boy who attended a Quran school at a Berlin mosque. According to the [MDR’s] report, it took the 6-year-old hours after the abuse to tell his mother about it, and that too because his wounds were apparent.

“He said: the Quran teacher took me to the toilet because he had hidden cookies and juice for me in the toilet,” the mother of the boy had been quoted saying. The teacher undressed himself in the toilet. He threatened to kill the victim and his family if he were to talk about it.”

The parents called the emergency medical services. The doctor’s report states that the child might have been raped. According to the report, police and the district attorney are investigating the culprit, who had 70 kids in his class and has now moved abroad.

The abuse of the six-year-old is apparently not an isolated case.

The MDR broadcaster contacted all police stations in major cities across Germany. The result: only 4 cases have been reported in last five years.

Psychiatrist Mimoun Azizi told MDR that child abuse in mosques is a problem worth taking note of. Grown-ps have told him what had happened to them as kids. Azizi says, “During the last 15 years he regularly treated patients who had been assaulted in this way.”

Not only German Muslims, but refugees are also among the victims. They reported experiencing similar abuse in mosques in countries of their origin. Like a young man from Libya, for instance, who talked to MDR. He said that in his native country he was abused at the Quran school for years.

“It was always in the toilets at the mosques. There he saw how other kids were also raped. Then I moved to another Quran school and there too was the same thing,” the Libyan man says. He hates “these school” now.  [Translation by author]

“Germany will remain Germany,” said Chancellor Angela Merkel, assuring the anxious Germans last year amid massive migrant influx from Arab and Muslim countries. Mainstream media, politicians and celebrities have been telling everyone how mass migration was going to “enrich” Germany and Europe.

A report published by the feminist group Terre des Femmes earlier this year reveals that the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) is now rampant in Germany. Terre des Femmes estimated the number of victims of FGM in Germany to be around 58,0000. Over 13,000 minor girls in Germany were additionally at the risk of undergoing FGM. The group blamed this phenomena on a “sharp rise in migration from countries where genital mutilation is practiced.”

The number of child brides in Germany is also on the rise. Government statistics put the number of child brides in the country up to 1,500 — many of whom were reportedly below the age of 14.

Multiculturalism, or the West’s inability to assert its values and laws on its own soil, is having devastating consequences on the most vulnerable members of the population. Merkel’s policy of open borders for mass immigration is making Germany less free and less safe.