Don’t Believe the Media Hype, Americans Are More Optimistic Since Obama Left

High fives for everyone!

Despite the mainstream media’s attempts to push the narrative of a “nation deeply divided,” as if America has never been divided before, the optimistic American spirit is on the rise.

The media elite’s vendetta against President Trump isn’t working. A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll showed 51% of Americans believe the media is too critical of the president. A majority of Americans, 40%, like the direction the country is headed which is up seven points from December and up 22 points from July! Trump’s overall approval rating is low for a new president, but that doesn’t seem to be dampening spirits. 

In addition, a Bloomberg poll just released shows consumer confidence has reached it’s highest levels in a decade:

Americans’ confidence continued to mount last week as the Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index reached the highest point in a decade on more-upbeat assessments about the economy and buying climate, figures showed Thursday.

Key Points

  • Consumer comfort index rose to 50.6 in the period ended March 5, the highest since March 2007, from 49.8
  • Measure has exceeded 50 just six times since April 2002
  • Gauge of economy advanced to 48.2, the highest since August 2001, from 46.8
  • Buying-climate measure rose to 44.5, the strongest reading since April 2002, from 43.7
  • Index of personal finances was little changed at 58.9 versus 59

Marketwatch reported: “U.S. consumers are the most confident in the U.S. economy in 15 years, buoyed by the strongest job market since before the Great Recession. The survey of consumer confidence rose to 114.8 in February from 111.6 in January, according to the Conference Board, the private company that publishes the index. That’s the highest level since July 2001.”

A Gallup poll found personal satisfaction is at it’s highest levels since before the recession. Eighty-seven percent say they are satisfied, 57% say very satisfied.

And what a coincidence this surge in confidence occurred after Obama left office.

“This type of media-public disconnect is one of the reasons President Hillary Clinton could not be reached for comment,” Legal Insurrection joked in its report.