Required 4th of July Viewing: The ’Independence Day’ Speech

Watching this never gets old.

With the threat of ISIS, Islamic jihadists blowing up children, North Korea launching missiles, and the anti-America fascist Left infiltrating our daily life, freedom is under constant threat. But unlike our last president, who is still apologizing for the United States and its “aggressive nationalism,” President Trump is busy defending our freedoms and bragging on his country.

If you haven’t watched the president’s 4th of July speech, watch it below. It was a much-needed pro-America message after an eight year-long drought under Obama:

What a noticeable difference that our new president sounds more like the president from the movie Independence Day. Remember that speech? If not, watch it above. It’s required annual viewing on July 4. Say a word of thanks, today, that we live in the greatest country in the world and now have a president that agrees.