Don Lemon Comes to Grips with Reality: Hillary Ran a Terrible Campaign

But April Ryan is still in defense mode.

Don Lemon knows exactly “what happened” to make Hillary Clinton lose the 2016 election. She happened.

During CNN’s Tonight broadcast on Wednesday, the host came to grips with the fact that Clinton ran a disastrous campaign and has no one to blame but herself.

Lemon almost expressed pity for Clinton doing all of these interviews for her book tour, blaming everyone else for her loss. Mostly, he wondered why she didn't pack this many interviews in during her campaign:

“Just watching these interviews… I could point to probably three or four interviews that I did at Trump Tower that looked very similar — soft lighting, you know, and the setting, and 50 or more probably from other networks.

“Hillary Clinton didn't do that during the election. Donald Trump, you would call him up and say, ‘Can you do an interview, can we come to Trump Tower’ and he would say, ‘Yes.’ Hillary Clinton didn't do that during the election. He flooded the zone. She picked and chose who she wanted to do an interview with and she didn't think you were substantial enough figure or did not, you know, want to do it. She just, she wouldn't do it. That's her fault. That's not the media's fault who she's blaming.”

Lemon continued ranting later, giving “credit where credit is due,” listing Trump’s appearances on Fox News, NBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, MSNBC and “every single person who pretty much asked him for an interview.” He also complained that Trump fought every accusation launched his way and added, “Hillary Clinton never, ever did that.”

“She was too safe,” Lemon said. “She didn't even hit back at him as much as she could have during the debates. That's her fault. That's not anybody else's fault but hers.”

There to staunchly disagree with Lemon was White House correspondent, and media foe of President Trump, April Ryan. Her response to Lemon finally nailing the commentary? “Wow,” like she didn’t know where to begin a rebuttal.

“I’m not going to say she played it safe, I'm going to say she played it the way it had been played before,” Ryan said, uninspired.

Lemon said that only proved his point, but she wouldn’t concede that easily.

Ryan, like Clinton, would rather blame Trump and sexism for the loss and said, “Women are held to a different standard in politics.” She added:

“I remember when she ran against Barack Obama the first time. You know, they were talking about, ‘We don't want you to sound shrill. We want you to sound — keep your voice…’ It was so many different things that she had to worry about. And in this interview with Anderson Cooper, we saw her; she was laid back and wasn't worried about being upbeat and gentle, yet, kind but strong. She was herself and there’s a difference for women in power versus an everyday person or a man. She had to be this woman, who wasn't shrill, who wasn't trying to be boisterous or be over his head.”

Lemon interjected, “I think that’s what people wanted, April. I think that’s what people wanted her to do.”

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For anyone still confused, this is going around and should clear things up. It seemed to for Lemon: