Don Lemon Thrilled He's in on Witch Hunt Against Trump

Just look at that smug face.

On Wednesday evening’s CNN Tonight, host Don Lemon was thrilled, elated even, to be reporting on the latest developments with Donald Trump Jr’s campaign e-mail. In three minutes or less, Lemon personified the anti-Trump bias entrenched at CNN, gloating and smiling smugly throughout the show’s opening, doing everything he could to hold back saying, “See, I told you so!”

“The president likes to call the Russia investigation fake news,” Lemon said. “Well, Mr. President, there’s nothing fake about this.”

Lemon rolls clip “exclusively obtained by CNN” of Donald Trump back in 2013 hanging with the very Russians embroiled in the current scandal the night before the Miss USA pageant. It is grainy video footage of billionaires being billionaires and having dinner. Also in the footage is Rob Goldstone, the man Donald Jr e-mailed during the campaign.

“Yes, that Rob Goldstone, the very same man who set up the infamous meeting between Donald Trump Jr and a Russian lawyer,” said Lemon, adding, “The one that blew up in the face of the White House this week.”

Lemon said the e-mails spelled all of it out in black and white, but complained that the president is still calling it fake news. Lemon put on his clever cap and rattled off, “So, if black and white wasn’t enough, here they are in living color,” referring back to the clip.

“Everybody looks pretty chummy, don’t they?” Lemon continued. 

Another clip from the pageant event in Las Vegas shows Trump bragging about the Agalarov family, calling them the richest and most powerful people in Russia. Again, doing what braggadocious billionaires do. But Lemon put up a picture of Vladimir Putin, who is friendly with the Agalarovs, to make that Trump/Putin connection and saved his best “evidence” for last: a tweet Trump sent out at that time after striking a deal with the billionaire Russians to bring the Miss Universe pageant to Moscow:

Do you think Putin will be going to The Miss Universe Pageant in November in Moscow - if so, will he become my new best friend?

Lemon smiled ear-to-ear, trying his best to vindicate his network from allegations it has launched a “witch hunt” on Trump, which producers have already admitted to. Lemon’s logic is, clearly, fight fire with fire, or in this case, show there’s no witch hunt by witch hunting.