Don Lemon: Are Progressives More Intolerant than Conservatives?

CNN personality Don Lemon asked the viewing audience last night if progressives are becoming more intolerant than conservatives.

Lemon spoke with Bryan Stascavage, the Wesleyan student who wrote an op-ed for the college paper titled “Why Black Lives Matter Isn’t What You Think.” Needless to say, it got some pretty fierce blowback from liberal activists on campus, and the student government even voted to cut funding to the paper.

The other guest on the show, Bakari Sellers said that he did not like Stascavage's op-ed, but that he thought there should be more free speech not less in response to controversial opinions.

Lemon asked, “Are progressives becoming too politically correct… [and] more intolerant than conservatives in some ways?”

Sellers said not he did not think so.