DNC Emails Here: Staff Staged 'Fake' Anti-Trump Protests, Used Bernie's Jewish Faith to Discredit Him, Colluded With MSM, More...

And there will likely be more to come.

Democrats and liberal pundits are working overtime to spin its DNC-Wikileaks scandal, which resulted in the resignation of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. A few of the ways in which the mainstream outlets will bury this lead include: minimizing the actual findings of the leaked emails; not reporting it at all; deflecting and talking about the "darkness" of the RNC; focusing on Trump's "racism"; and blaming the DNC-leak on a Vladimir Putin-Donald Trump conspiracy (as Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook did during an interview wth George Stephanopolous on Sunday). 

With mainstream media outlets and social media like Twitter and Facebook working in tandem to suppress the DNC scandal and its myriad implications, it will require a concerted effort on the part of independent bloggers, conservative media members, and social media "activists" (for lack of a better term) to disseminate the information to as wide an audience as possible.

Some of that information is featured below via the Gateway Pundit, which published a list -- compiled by Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump supporters -- of the more egregious DNC email chains to come to light thus far. Each email thread contains a brief description of the content with its correlating Wikileaks page-link.

The list includes email threads showing that: DNC staff colluded with major media outlets like The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, BuzzFeed, Politico and others to coordinate favorable Hillary Clinton coverage and negative Donald Trump coverage; DNC staffers organized "fake" protests at Donald Trump rallies and planned to pack them with DNC interns if the "body count" was low; DNC talked about a SuperPAC that paid young voters to push back on Sanders supporters online; DNC higher-ups plotted to have "friendly" reporters call Bernie Sanders' Jewish faith into question as a means of discrediting him with Southern voters; DNC staffers made fun of black women; DNC staff fed CNN reporters the questions they wanted to be asked during interviews. 

The following list below is long but not even close to complete (considering 20,000 DNC emails were leaked). This comes from Gateway Pundit: 

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz having an off-the-record meeting in MSNBC President Phil Griffin’s office.


Offering to send interns out to fake a protest against the RNC.


A mole working inside the Sanders campaign.


Bringing up Sanders' religion to scare the southern voters.


Possible money laundering by moving money back and forth to bypass legal limits.


Politico writer sending his stories to the DNC before he sends them to his editor.


DNC feeding CNN the questions they want to be asked in interviews.


Creating a fake job ad for a Trump business to paint him as sexist.


DNC is upset that their “allies” didn’t send in protestors, so they sent out interns.


“Clinton Foundation quid-pro-quo worries are lingering, will be exploited in general.”


$50,000 – Lawrence Benenson.


Content & Social Strategy Discussion.


Re: BuzzFeed and DNC connection.


Draft linking news articles about trump to use as negative press.


DNC making fun of black woman's name.


DNC telling each other, “I love you too. no homo.”


DNC requesting to pull an MSNBC commentary segment.


DNC controlling the narrative with time-released stories.


DNC conspiring to create false Trump information and release with Reuters.


DNC Hillary supporters infiltrated Sanders campaign.


DNC members going to complain to Morning Joe producers about his mentioning of a “rigged system.”


DNC discussing their relationship with NBC/MSNBC/CNN and how to get better treatment.


Super PAC paying young voters to push back online Sanders supporters. Paid shills.


For the more expanded list of selected DNC emails, please visit the Gateway Pundit and the Wikileaks site directly -- the latter of which provides an easy search tool for filtering email topics. 

It goes without saying there may be more leaks -- likely ones implicating the Hillary Clinton campaign's direct involvement in the corruption -- to come as we near November. Buckle up. 

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