CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Dumps Twitter — Too Much Free Speech for Her

The truth hurts, sometimes. But first you have to know what truth is.

CNN anchor and New Day co-host Alisyn Camerota has ended her eight-year relationship with Twitter. That’s her metaphor; she wrote a break-up letter to the social media platform and published it on Wednesday.

“It's over. I'm breaking up with you,” Camerota began, including both Twitter and its “trolls” in the salutation.

“I know, it's sad. We've been together a long time. Remember my first tweet in May 2009? 'Happy Mother's Day!' My God, listen to how hopeful I sounded,” the letter continues.

Camerota reminisces about a time when only positive messages were sent her way but quickly laments that Twitter has “become mean and verbally abusive:”

“In fact, you gross me out. You're a cesspool of spleen-venting from people who think it's acceptable to insult other people in public and anonymously.”

And now, she’s decided to move on to “something real and lasting.” Of course, Camerota is still employed at CNN — something fake and crumbling — but it’s better not to criticize this anchor. She’s a bit sensitive to unkind words.

Look, nobody likes to be on the receiving end of vitriol, but it’s just the way it is in a society built on freedom and liberty. But it just sounds like free speech gets under her skin.

Everyone knows logging on to Twitter is like walking through a mine field. Eventually, you’re going to step on something you wish you hadn’t. Some find that appalling and some feed off of it. If Camerota wants no part of it, she’s free to walk away. But with everything going on at CNN, this is a suspicious move. It makes it appear she doesn’t want to be criticized for spreading fake news and the network's anti-Trump agenda.

Yet, Camerota ends her letter with hope that one day she and Twitter can reunite in a “kinder place.” Maybe she would like it better if Twitter banned everyone but the media elite. At least then, they’d all have something in common -- singular hatred for the president. Alas, that's the approved kind of hatred.

It's too bad Camerota is Twitter's latest casualty; she's still a popular subject: