'Diversity' Dipsh*ts: NPR Stands for 'Not Promoting Republicans' on its Racist Blog

"Helping Create Content That Looks and Sounds Like America."

NPR can’t fight inequality if political conservatism is in the mix. That’s the conclusion of Newsbusters writer Tim Graham. 

In an article posted to the site Thursday, Graham describes a bizarre "affirmative action" blog created by National Public Radio with the intention of providing information bestowed by “experts” who aren’t white. Finally!

That’s right: the publicly-funded NPR — which is to say, therefore, the organization funded by mostly white taxpayers -- has set up an online journalistic safe space with the specific mission of excluding white people.

The site, called "Source of the Week: Helping Create Content That Looks and Sounds Like America,” explains its mission thusly:

This is NPR’s resource for journalists who believe in the value of diversity and share in our goal to make public radio look and sound like America.

In other words, this is the place to go for people who don’t want to get their information from whites. Or right-wingers, apparently: despite the racial variety, according to Graham, in its effort to provide “diversity,” NPR committed that most common of all “darn it” accidents by the Left: it forgot to include diversity of thought. Graham writes:

Don't try to find the conservative half of America. We tried to find one. Apparently, NPR can't combat our nation's "structural inequality" by promoting conservatives. That's not "diversity." The world needs more sources focused on exploring "identity, stereotypes, and prejudice" from the people who don't have "white privilege."

This omission, of course, is in ridiculous contrast to the stated goal of representing not only what the country looks like (note to NPR: America, actually, doesn’t look like a nation devoid of white people), but also what it “[sounds] like.” Chalk it up to the leftist bubble, which keeps the elites on that side of the aisle from comprehending the existence of those who think differently from them. Therefore, the “information” on the site is sad and predictable. As noted by Graham:

The latest Source of the Week is Neena Chaudhry of the National Women's Law Center. One of their latest products is "A Feminist's Thanksgiving Survival Guide," where you can learn to argue that women have a right to their bodies....and have the right to make you buy their birth control. 

Nice. The site is also replete with tasty, colloquial liberalisms:

Liberal jargon is quite normal, as in: "Rose Elizondo is a restorative justice expert and advocate for peaceful prison reform. Her work focuses on indigenous peacemaking, community building and finding healing alternatives to the criminal justice system."

Additionally, NPR makes sure to promote Islam, contrasted with America's phobia of the religion:

Or Yale professor Zareena Grewal, "A published author and filmmaker, her upcoming book, Is the Quran a Good Book? examines U.S. citizens’ views of the Quran and how it factors into ideas of islamophobia and tolerance in America." On her Twitter account, Grewal puckishly selects her location as "In a collapsing empire." She has the back of Linda Sarsour, as one might expect.

Just pitiful.  

To the elites on the Left, America looks like one of two things, depending on the subject of their discourse: it is either an evil empire run by white Republicans, or a leftist, non-white, non-Christian multitude that has a singular political identity. They simply can't conceive of anything else. Despite their talk of "diversity," that concept is the last thing they want or even really understand. They'll champion it regarding race, but only on one condition: no whites allowed.