Democrats Outraged By Hillary's Latest Exposure: ‘We Were Blatantly Misled’

Misled? A tiger can't change its stripes.

Hillary Clinton's corruption has once again been exposed, and it's causing quite the stir in the defeated Democratic Party. Thursday’s disclosure by former Interim Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile that Hillary rigged the 2016 primary has brought chaos and in-fighting to the forefront.  

According to The Washington Post, Democratic Party leaders and former employees of Bernie Sanders’s campaign have verbalized their shock and indignation over the news.

The idea of Clinton sinisterly conspiring to vanquish her electoral enemy isn't exactly fresh. Sanders himself alleged impropriety the day after the primary. And others knew of the effort. Brazile had conferred mid-election with Ray Buckley, chairman of the party in New Hampshire, and shown him the scandalous agreement between Hillary and the DNC, granting Clinton critical control over the organization’s finances and strategy leading up to the primaries. Recalling the illumination of that exchange, Buckley stated:

“The day that Donna discovered this, she called me and I almost passed out…We were blatantly misled.”

Jeff Weaver, campaign manager for the Sanders effort, expressed his anger over the staffing at the DNC:

“We were not offered veto power on staff at the DNC, I can tell you that…This was a laundering operation.  They’d go to fundraisers, they’d get a $350,000 check from donors which was supposed to be divvied up.  Instead of disbursing that money, they’d turn around and run a small-dollar fundraising to generate small contributions that went to the Clinton campaign.”

According to Weaver, the DNC did at some point offer to create a joint-funding accord between the two campaigns, but the Sanders camp declined.  

Clinton’s corrupt campaign left more than just Sanders damaged in its wake. For its refusal to be part of the degeneracy, Nebraska’s Democratic Party was saddled with $35,000 in debt after the November election. Chairwoman Jane Kleeb divulged:

“Nebraska never even signed the JFA (Joint-Funding Agreement) because we…didn’t want to be a funnel for, essentially, money-laundering…And now we learn that a small group of establishment Democrats got to determine who our nominee was. That goes against everything that Democratic values are built on.”

These reactions and revelations come as Democratic senator Elizabeth Warren was interviewed yesterday on CNN’s The Lead, where she was asked directly if she believed Brazile’s claim that Hillary rigged the nomination process. Warren put it succinctly: “Yes.”

When asked if she was shocked by Brazile’s news, Warren called it a “real problem,” and said that the DNC must be held “accountable.”

Hillary Clinton holds the distinction of being the most notoriously corrupt candidate in recent times to vy for the Oval Office. After her crushing defeat in November, it seemed as if the world may have heard the last of her scandalous activities. But to quote a traditional folk song, "What's done in the dark will be brought to the light." It's amazing just how much "dark" exists in the world of Hillary Rodham Clinton.