Democrats Hijacking MLK Holiday to Turn Americans Against ‘GOP Tax Scam’

No shame in turning American icon into a political weapon.

The Martin Luther King Jr. holiday is fast approaching but instead of celebrating an American icon, the Democratic Party is weaponizing him for political gain.

The plan is for congressional Dems to hold a series of “teach-ins,” according to The Washington Times, in an effort “to rally Americans against the GOP’s tax bill as they seek to regain their legislative footing.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said the MLK teach-ins would be used to strongly oppose what her fellow members have dubbed the “GOP tax scam” — a “scam” saving the middle class thousands of dollars in taxes and removing the Obamacare penalties for those opting out. Yet, Pelosi doesn’t see it that way:

“The Republican-controlled House, Senate and White House squandered 2017 by stacking the deck for privileged, the powerful and special interests and against America’s middle class families.”

Pelosi is pushing forward to 2018 in hopes of propelling the Left’s agenda, which she states consists of “long-overdue” items such as more spending — a Democrat standard. Specifically, they want the Dream Act passed for illegal aliens and even more money for Obamacare.

There’s no shame in their game. Nothing is sacred or off limits for leftists when politics are at play. Funny enough, Democrats think this tactic will give them a leg up in the 2018 election. It's obvious they still haven't come to grips with why they lost.