Democratic Candidate Excludes Black Running Mate from Campaign Fliers

Seems like the party is getting back to its roots.

A black candidate for lieutenant governor of Virginia was conspicuously excluded from 1,000 campaign fliers put out by his gubernatorial running mate, Ralph Northam — a move considered in extremely bad taste with just three weeks to go before election day.

A picture of the slight was posted to Twitter, showing Northam, who is white, and his pick for attorney general, Mark Herring (also white), but with Justin Fairfax nowhere to be found:

According to The Washington Post, the union backing Northam, the Laborers’ International Union of North America, does not support Fairfax because he opposes two natural gas pipelines they are in favor of. And because of that, the union requested his exclusion from the fliers they planned to distribute.

The dedcision was immediately branded as racist by black Democrats in the state. Even though some said it “reeks of subtle racism,” it just exposed the true roots of the party of the Ku Klux Klan. But as a party that is so desperate for the black vote, excluding Fairfax from the handouts will do little to rally the support needed.

Fairfax responded to the omission: “Everyone who is looking at this will make their own judgements about this particular instance. This should not have happened, and it should not happen again, and there needs to be robust investment in making sure that we are communicating with African American voters and we are engaging our base.”

Yet, PJ Media noticed a change in attitude in Fairfax shortly after his initial response:

Fairfax was probably contacted afterwards, when he changed his tune and suddenly became much more conciliatory:

“This is a strong ticket and one that is working well together. One piece of literature does not change that. Voters from across the Commonwealth have responded enthusiastically to Justin’s candidacy and the entire Democratic ticket. They are excited about our plan to offer more educational opportunity, economic growth, and more access to health care and they will reject the divisive and cynical politics of our opponents. That’s why Justin’s been endorsed by organizations like the VA AFL-CIO, Virginia Education Association and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia.”

Ah. Yes. Zero tolerance towards racism -- except when a Democrat is discriminating against African Americans. Then it's suddenly an honest mistake that does not reflect badly on the rest of the party, or even on the racist Democrat himself. Clearly, Fairfax's personal ambitions trump his passion to fight racism -- even when he's the victim of it.

And yet, black leaders in Virginia remain all-in for the Democratic Party despite its racist past that still has some obvious vestiges that quietly lurk beneath the surface.