Dem Candidate Breaks from Party, Insists New Gun Control Laws Not the Answer

Enforce the ones already on the books. Duh!

A Pennsylvania Democratic candidate running for a House seat has broken from the party and voiced his opinion that new gun control laws aren’t the answer to mass shootings. 

Despite emotions running high after the Florida school shooting that left 17 dead, Connor Lamb isn’t budging on his beliefs that enforcement of current laws is all that’s needed.

The Washington Times reports:

Mr. Lamb said more money needs to be invested in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and enforcing the background check system.

He said he would be willing to look at proposals aimed at strengthening the system, including closing the gun show “loophole” and expanding firearm background checks in internet sales, but said the focus should be on mental health.

Making a campaign promise, Lamb added, “No parent should ever drop their child off at school and be afraid they won’t be alive at the end of the day. My heart breaks for those families in Florida and, in Congress, I will work to make sure that people with serious mental illnesses do not have access to guns.”

Lamb’s rival, Republican Rick Saccone said he, too, is joining the country in praying for the devastated families in Parkland, Florida, but shamed the Left for using the tragedy as an “excuse” to take away rights from lawful gun owners:

“The left always their solution is to jump on the gun itself and law-abiding citizens. They want to disarm law-abiding citizens as a solution to crimes like this. It has nothing to do with this crime.

“So they are going to call for more gun laws and more gun control and so forth and that wouldn’t have affected this at all. That is what they do, every time, they use it an excuse to jump on that.”

Lamb is said to be slowly encroaching on Saccone’s lead in the polls. But while Lamb may not sound like a typical Democrat when it comes to guns, he was a Marine captain, it doesn’t take away the fact that he is very typical on everything else the party stands for. Plus, he’s got friends in high places:

It won't take long before they have him toeing the full party line.