82% Democrats Favor Banning All Semi-Autos, 44% Want All Guns Banned

Conservatives have been saying this a long time.

A new poll by YouGov reveals what conservatives have been warning about forever: Democrats largely favor taking away all guns, not just the scary-looking ones.

In the survey, respondents across the political spectrum — Democrat, Republican, and Independent — were asked to show their favorability of banning semiautomatic weapons. As HotAir noted in its coverage, the question was the all-inclusive “weapons,” not semiautomatic “assault rifles.” Those answering might’ve thought this meant the latter but “weapons” would be inclusive of handguns, technically speaking. Here are the results:

Eighty-two percent of Dems favor banning “semiautomatic weapons.” Only 13% oppose. Most surprisingly, twenty-five percent of Republicans “strongly favor” banning them and 12% “somewhat” favor a ban. Independents are more evenly split.

Next question asked about banning all handguns, which wasn’t popular among Republicans or Independents. But Democrats seem to like the idea:

Forty-four percent of Dems favor banning all handguns, proof that the party ultimately want only the police and military to have weapons. (Criminals will have them too, but the police are just minutes away, right guys?)

There was also a question about repealing the Second Amendment, which sounds fantastic to 39% of the Democrats asked. All political categories strongly favored requiring mental health evaluations for gun purchases, though it isn’t clear how “mental illness” is defined.

“A majority of the public consistently has supported many gun control proposals: just over half in last week’s Economist/YouGov Polls say they want stricter gun laws in general,” YouGov stated. “But support has not grown beyond that - until now. In the latest Economist/YouGov Poll, 61% say there should be stricter gun laws, up eight points in the last week.”

It seems the youth of America are screaming louder than the adults who know better. Unfortunately, it seems to be working.