David Corn Says US Senators Taking Orders from Israel

Chris Matthews had on frequent guest David Corn to discuss America's diplomatic dialouge with Iran.

David Corn, Mother Jones and an MSNBC Political Analyst, insinuated on Hardball with Chris Matthews Friday that U.S. Senators who are proposing new Iranian sanctions are taking orders from the American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) who is getting their orders from Israel. 

Matthews talked with David Corn and Time Magazine's Michael Crowley about the Obama administration's communication with Iran and the President's statements on the talks during his final 2013 press conference Friday where he said congress was trying to "look tough" on Iran for re-election campaigns. 

Matthews started the conversation with a question directed at Corn after playing the clip of Obama's remarks in the White House briefing room, 

What good can come of 27 US Senators in the midst of negotiations, which are tricky as hell, with Iranian Republic, the Islamic Republic of Iran. Trying to get a deal between two tricky sides that don't particularly like each other to jump in and say 'Screw you! We've got a lot more pain to give you!' What do you gain of that?

Corn responded by saying, "None!" and continued stating he thinks the only reason Iran came to the table is because Russia and others did. He also said Democrats really are not helping and are only creating more reason for the Iranian people to distrust America when they propose sanctions. Corn then said,

Talking to people who know what's going on behind the scenes, this is all being driven by AIPAC...

Matthews interrupted and explained what AIPAC was and then asked if it was "hawkish". Corn agreed and said,

Tends to be more hawkish, it's always very supportive of Likud particularly when Likud is in power. And I have to believe they would not be doing this unless they thought this is what Netanyahu and other back Israel want.  

David Corn, creating a syndicate of orders coming from Israel because he just cannot fathom Democrats disagreeing with President Obama's negotiations with the dictatorial Islamic regime.